Company Overview

February ,2012 Longer Company Form E-Commerce Team .
May ,2012 Longer Company Form International Business Team .
December 03,2012 Longer Company Was Founded In Zhengzhou .
May,2013 Longer China Business Department Established .
August ,2013 Longer Machinery Passed CE Certification .
October,2013  Longer Company Passed SGS Certification .
November,2013 Longer International Business Department Established .
December,2014 Longer Company Hold Annual Meeting, More Than 100 Friends From Various Circles Of Society Joined The Party .
August ,2014 Exhibition Hall Located In Xinzheng City Smoothly Completed And Put Into Use .
June ,2015  Longer Machinery's New Official Website Online .
February ,2015 Longer Machinery's International Business Department Moved To Zheng Dong New District .
 For now
Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery Co.,Ltd already have a professional team with more than 80  business staffs .

We are move on forward,and meet bright future !


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