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  • Equipment for Chin Chin Making


    The equipment for chin chin making is in great demand in the market. We provide a chin chin making machine - a snack line with fried Chin, and a rotatable chin to make the plant. Chin chin is a fried snack in west Africa and is now popular in many parts of the world. It is a crunchy flour and some other baking materials. In west Africa, the chin usually contains cowpea, whereas nutmeg is usually added for seasoning. Some producers also create flavors, including cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and peppe    [Described in detail]

  • Commercial Niger Chin Chin Making Machine


    This chin chin making machine is really a imitation of hand craft creation plus the design, and the style is easy.    [Described in detail]

  • How to make Niger Chin Chin ?


    How to make nigeria chin chin efficiency ? We have nigeria chin chin making machine for your choice which your great helper. Firstly, shaping the dough simply,then put it one the roll and roll into the mold knife,at last the mold knife could cut the dough into certain shapes.cakes produced in this way are the same in length,width,thickness,imitation of manual operation but better than manual products.Whats more,the dough will not stick to the knife,forming good and there is no scrap.In addition,    [Described in detail]

  • Snack Food Extrusion Machinery and Equipment


    Our the Snack food extrusion machinery have double screw extruder.Doublescrew extruder from the feeding system, extrusion system, peeling system, heating system, transmission system, control system components. Feeding, peeling the main drive are used frequency control system, powerful, smooth operation, saving energy. Automatic lubrication, forced cooling, to ensure the safe operation of the extruder and extend the service life. For different raw materials, select single, double screw feeding sy    [Described in detail]

  • Dough Sheeter Roller Making Machine For Chin Chin


    The automatic dough sheet roller making machine can finish conveying dough- folding dough sheet kneading and pressing automatically and continuously. for the chin chin, we need to make dough sheet at first, then can cut dough sheet into chin chin,. The automatic dough sheet roller making machine is one of the main noodle processing equipment, mainly used for kneading and pressing different kinds of soft or hard toughness dough for making dumpling wrapper, steamed bun wrapper, steamed stuffing bu    [Described in detail]

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