What Is Starch Exactly

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-01-27
What is that geting from starch processing euqipment? what is that exactly  ? 

Many people often put "carbohydrate" and "starch" equate, in fact, the two are not the same. Carbohydrate refers to all the material combination of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen formed, wherein, fructose, lactose, glucose, a simple carbohydrate the body most likely to be decomposed to quickly provide energy. Starch belongs to complex carbohydrates, have slowly digested by the enzymes in saliva and stomach, in order to gradually released into the blood, into nutrients, because of this, satiety eat starch than sugar obtained still lasting.
In addition to providing the body's satiety, starch is an essential element to maintain the spiritual joy of the people.
Vital organs such as the brain, red blood cells, nervous system cells rely on glucose are functioning, but many people in order to lose weight, do not dare eat a starch, the body can not get the energy and had to find a way out on their own, using the protein amino acids, it converted into glucose, the biochemical pathways known as "gluconeogenesis action" must be driven by cortisol (also known as cortisone), once a significant increase in cortisol, the body's serotonin is suppressed, people feel depressed, more there will be a strong psychological compensatory want to eat sweets, appetite control, weight loss, of course breaking power.
To avoid binge eating sweets difficult to extricate themselves, they must maintain a stable blood sugar. Starchy foods can slowly break down into glucose in the body, providing a stable energy, cortisol and serotonin maintain balance, emotions can calm pleasure. For this reason, the starch as the "healing foods" will not be excessive.

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