Food Processing Machinery -- starch processing machinery

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-02-03
According to starch industry development plan, average annual increase of 8.36% starch yield, starch sugar, the average annual increase of 10.9%, starch 30.8% annual average. To meet the development needs and reduce the starch, starch machinery imports, the growth rate of starch machinery should be maintained at an average annual increase of 15%.
Made 30,000 tons / year sets of equipment to solve problems, and pay close attention to research and development of 5 to 10 tons / year of corn starch equipment. 
Potato whole powder equipment should be fully developed so that the nutrient-rich potato powder are the staple food of the people into the ranks as soon as possible. 
Sugar, starch sugar is an important part. Starch sugar production in the United States and Japan have accounted for more than 50% of the total sugar, widely used in food industry, and our less than 10%. U.S. annual per capita consumption of starch sugar 38kg, but per capita consumption of sugar, starch, only 0.5kg. Starch and sugar will be the future of sustainable development, and therefore focus on the development of modified starch machinery, to meet the needs of the domestic market.
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