advantages of starch machine

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-02-17
1,The case of equipment to reduce energy consumption, production increased significantly increase the user's interests. Through to the equipment structure adjustment, Longer  Machinery reduce the energy consumption, production increased by more than 30% at the same time.
2, Reduce starch machine equipment the overall height:Big production of new type automatic production line parallel to the cooling and freezing Settings, Equipment is highly reduced, facilitate the operation, improve equipment operation safety; Reduced the bearing in the above the refrigerator, prolong the service life of equipment.
3, Structure is more compact, two dao (transverse and vertical cutter) in the end, such operator concentration, reduce the labor costs, and the structure is more compact.
4, Dry distance is lengthened, increasing drying layer, make the drying time lengthen, using low temperature drying, improve product quality, reduce the energy consumption.
5, Starch machine equipment blanking mechanism adopts vacuum lifting and reduce the sheet metal chamber is high, make the operation more convenient, at the same time of material in the process of ascension of pumping air into vacuum state, save power, improve uniformity of material
6, Using the transverse mixing, tile cloth paste, blanking uniformly, improve starch thickness uniformity
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