Starch Application in The Preparation

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-03-02
In general, the starch Often used as diluents, binders, disintegrating agents, and can be used to prepare the dextrin and starch. 
1, used as a diluent (Diluents): diluent (or fillers, Fil1ers) main role is to fill the weight or volume of the tablet to facilitate the formulation forming and divided doses, so as to facilitate tablet; common fillers are starch, sugar, cellulose-based and inorganic salts. When starch as a diluent, the more common corn starch, its properties are very stable, and most drugs do not work, the price is relatively cheap, small moisture absorption, good appearance and color, in the actual production, often with compressible with good sugar, dextrin mixed use, it is because the starch compressibility is poor, if used alone, will push the tablet is too loose.
 2, used as an adhesive (Adhesives): certain drugs powder itself does not have sticky or less viscous, need to add starch and other sticky substances, to enable it to glue together, then added a viscous substance called sticky mixture.
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