Five Steps Should Care When Plant Cassava

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-04-26
First, the commune Articles: a Calendar month Prior to planting cassava, first turn to plow Sunshine Bright, make soil weathering in Entire.Type of Every mu shi into and livestock manure heap retting rotten 250 kg to 300 kg phosphate fertilizer as basal.
Next, Pick Fine: Should Pick potato, Much less toxicity, Substantial Generate Types.Part and thick stems, Illnesses and pests, no Harm, the Reduce Comp1nt of stem for stem.
3,seedlings Digesting: interception of 33 cm Lengthy Prior to planting seedlings, Slicing bevel bottom 3 -- 6 cm, the duck mouth Condition.
Above the bevel on Equally Parts of the Types of stem, Every single section 2 Every single Collection segment Minimize stem bark, 2, 3, Bust APart from the procambium incision stem circumference of 1/4 width and 2 cm Lengthy, it can make the bevel and Bust APart from the cambium of root knot Much more potatoes.Planting, Carry the Handle of axillary bud on quarter Progress Technique, in Add-on to Depart three Types of the Best of the stem section of a Past dueral bud, the rePrincipaling sections of axillary bud get rid of, and Modifications incCollectiond plug for horizontal plug, this can be Handleled to Develop a Fine Powerful Principal stem of the plant.
4, Employ orientation fertilization: Soon after a when seedlings to 12-15 cm Lengthy, for the first time fertilization, 30 acres with loose stool Drinking water spray Utilized.
Except in seedling root Below Right Concentrate CShed to 40 cm from seedlings, prompting to Carry root, Distribute Rapidly.Potato seedlings to 50 cm Lengthy, the second fertilizer, with Substantial grade muck Drinking water 40-50 mu Dan Versus the 8-10 kilograms lEvery singleing Utilized urea, from the Body fat in Factories CShed to 50-60 centimeters, make potato root aLengthy a Surface area soil magnetism.Potato seedlings to 70-100 cm Lengthy, Pick in multi-Bestping Sunshineny noon, the Developing Place to 3-5 cm.Then 60 acres with manure bear As well as 10-12 kg urea spray, its Lengthy out of the branch.
5, digging heavy Drop fertilization: Soon after autumn, Pick a Sunshineny Evening, with the hoe Draw Available Bottom on 1 Part of the earth (be Cautious not to Harm the root) with root, make soil Publicity, 4, 5 Several hours, then mu in the 100 kg As well as phosphate mixed retting producyion 30 kg into the Bottom of cassava, Soon after 12 Several hours then earth up.This Can make cassava do not Shed their Departs in Past due autumn, Prolong the Developing Period, Allow cassava Develop Quick but Lengthy, smooth Skin color, Fine Superior, Substantial Generate.
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