What Machine Can Process Macaroni

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-06-07
Also known as pasta macaroni, in a foreign country it is one of the very ordinary pasta, its wide range of Jinan Taino Machinery Co., according to market demand at home and abroad advanced technology and the successful launch of the Macaroni Production Line. The production line is reasonable design, high degree of automation, accurate control of extrusion parameters, the host is equipped with high and low pressure screw, increasing the use of raw materials, reduce costs, improve product quality. Mainly for the production of pasta, macaroni, spiral noodles, shells, pipe, the pipe, wheels, broth and other products.

1, Spaghetti pasta machine suitable material:
Corn flour, potato starch, starch

2, Spaghetti pasta machine workflow:
Preparation of raw materials - the raw material stirring - Extruded - trimming - drying - cooling - (packaging)

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