Cassava Bread

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-06-17
Grated bitter yuca can be used to create casabe, which can be a traditional crisp, unleavened, flat bread popularwithin the Dominican Republic. In america, casabe comes in specialty markets because bitter cassava isn't available and yes it needs time to work and talent - a genuine Caribbean artisan bread; it’s as crisp as a cracker. The breadcomes in plastic bags or covered with paper and tied having a string. Within the French speaking islands the bread is named pain de kassavas well as in the Spanish speaking islands stage system pan de casabe.

The indigenous people created a approach to extracting poisonous Prussic acid from your bitter cassava to help make the bread. It involves peeling, washing, grating, and pressing utilizing a matapie (hanging sack). The pressing removes the poisonous liquid. Once separated from your juice, the pulp is driedunder the sun after which changed to bread or covered with banana leaves for storage. The procedure was laborious and whole villages would have fun playing the preparations. The poisonous liquid ended up being used to spike their hunting spears and arrows.
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