Commercial Electric Pasta Maker Machine

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-07-04
Today we will talk about the commertcial pasta production line. about the pasta maybe many people like it. but about how to get pasta do you know that ? we will talk about it taday.

About the the pasta prodution line,the raw material of pasta production line is potato starch. After extrusing, curing, cut out from the mold. Then will get macaroni, spaghetti, shells, spiral, tube, pipe tricks innovative products. After drying or fried puffed, it becomes crispy and delicious snack foods.
. Flour as raw material, without the drying directly frying is currently called on the market selling pizza roll, broth, etc.
. Rice, konjac as the main raw material can be produced nutritional compound meters Rebuilding
. Production noodle, instant noodles.
Frying Process:
raw material preparation → stirred → extrusion → cooling → drying → fried → enhance transport → → → seasoning (packaging)

Machinery :
Mix flour extruder machine → → → cooling bed drying beds automatic fryer → → →drum seasoning machine → (Packaging)

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