What Should Be Known When Plant Cassava

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-08-01
Very first, the commune articles: a month ahead of planting cassava, first switch to plow sunshine white, make soil weathering in total.Form of per mu shi into and livestock manure heap retting rotten 250 kg to three hundred kg phosphate fertilizer as basal.

2nd, opt for excellent: need to select potato, a lot less toxicity, substantial generate varieties.Part and thick stems, illnesses and pests, no injury, the decreased portion of stem for stem.

A few, seedlings processing: interception of 33 cm lengthy ahead of planting seedlings, cutting bevel bottom 3 -- 6 cm, the duck mouth condition.

Above the bevel on each side with the sorts of stem, just about every segment two each and every line segment minimize stem bark, two, three, break from the procambium incision stem circumference of 1/4 width and a pair of cm lengthy, it could possibly make the bevel and crack faraway from the cambium of root knot much more potatoes.
take the manage of axillary bud on quarter development technique, furthermore to depart three sorts of the best on the stem portion of the lateral bud, the remaining sections of axillary bud dispose of, and improvements inclined plug for horizontal plug, this may be managed to mature a very good powerful key stem with the plant.

4, seek the services of orientation fertilization: just after a when seedlings to 12-15 cm extensive, to the very first time fertilization, thirty acres with loose stool water spray utilized.

Other than in seedling root underneath proper aim about forty cm from seedlings, prompting to take root, distribute quickly.Potato seedlings to fifty cm lengthy, the 2nd fertilizer, with high quality muck water 40-50 mu Dan in opposition to the 8-10 kilograms leaching used urea, through the unwanted fat in crops all-around 50-60 centimeters, make potato root alongside a surface area soil magnetism.Potato seedlings to 70-100 cm very long, decide on in multi-topping sunny midday, the expanding level to 3-5 cm.Then 60 acres with manure bear as well as 10-12 kg urea spray, its very long outside of the branch.

5, digging hefty tumble fertilization: following autumn, pick out a sunny working day, with the hoe pull open up foundation on one side in the earth (be mindful to not harm the foundation) with root, make soil exposure, four, 5 hrs, then mu inside the a hundred kg plus phosphate mixed retting producyion thirty kg in to the foundation of cassava, following twelve hrs then earth up.

This may make cassava will not get rid of their leaves in late autumn, prolong the growing period, allow cassava grow fast but extensive, clean pores and skin, top quality, large yield.
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