Tapioca Starch Machine Manufacturer

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-08-09
Tapioca starch processing equipments can process fresh cassava, sweet potato and potato into refined starch. This production line includes 9sets equipments and they are: Squirrel-cage potato washer, automatic feeding and washing machine, crusher, separator, sand remover, mixer, screw conveyor,  hydrocyclones, dewater and airflow dryer.
The starch amount mainly depends on the starch content. Usually about 5T can produce 1T starch.
1.Can make refined starch
2.Small investment and Higher Profits
3.Easy operate, clean
Raw material(sweet potato,cassava,potato)-----Washing and peeling----Crushing----Prefilter-----
Sand eliminator------Secondary filter-----Drying-----Packing
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