Inclined Squirrel-Sage Cassava|Potato Washing Machine

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-09-12
The cassava|potato cleaning machine use of formula feeding hopper, reducing the difficulty of artificial feeding, the upper material is more convenient and easier, reducing manual labor.

Squirrel-cage rotating cylinder washing machine to take delivery. Fresh cassava|potato in one hand, spin the cylinder tube wall along the circular motion, linear motion along the axis on the one hand. Complex cleaning length more than 20 meters from the high degree of fresh potatoes washed, peeled and part. Sediment, stones, peel crack through the gate and bottom housing outfall automatically discharged. The machine combines potato washing and transport function without an additional mention in potato machine, which is the normal squirrel-cage cleaning machines can not reach. What is more,the machine is energy efficient.

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cassava washing machine|cassava washer machine
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