Asian Starch Conference Change Name as World Starch Industrial Conference

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-09-12
Asian Starch Conference as now the only professional starch industry annual event, unconsciously "starch Asian Congress" has gone through two years. In 2016, the organizers officially changed its name to "World Starch Industry Conference", that is the goal of the meeting is set to enhance a new level.

In 2014, the first Asian Conference of starch was officially launched at the organizer China Starch Industry Association and China Haibo exhibition of meticulous planning, relying on the "Ninth Shanghai International Exhibition starch and starch derivatives," the strong background, closely linked to the General Assembly industry hot topics in China successfully started visibility.

2015, in view of its guests high quality, and at the same time to give the Thai tapioca starch Association, the strong support of the US corn finishing Association, European Starch Industry Association, the Association of Overseas authority of the three, the second session of the General Assembly finally able Asian starch unprecedented success. "Starch 2015 Asian Conference" gathered more than 150, from six Asian countries starch enterprises to participate in the meeting, after research report: The Assembly satisfaction of 4.27 (out of 5).
With the strengthening of China's starch business, China will strengthen communication with the starch business in Asia and the world.
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