Tea Deep Process Needed Improve

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-09-20
In recent years, along with the promotion of tea machinery, China's tea industry to gradually standardized, large-scale development, bid farewell to the thousands of years of inefficient manual mode and home workshop production. Now, with the consumption of tea products have become more diversified, deep processing will undoubtedly become the general direction of development of tea industry. Our packaging machines very well suited to the market to meet the needs of people.

Tea resource utilization to be improved
On market conditions, the current Chinese tea as the main raw material supply of foreign transportation, primary processing of tea products mainly tea serious waste of resources. Data show that China's resources, 70 percent of tea is wasted, tea processing tea leaves, tea farmers have been forsaken summer tea, tea leaves as well as construction, these are the tea industry in a huge waste, but also high tea huge economic losses. Therefore, both the tea processing industry needs upgrading, but also the economy drive cycle.

Force a key role in the tea deep processing machinery and equipment highlights
With the development of agricultural science and technology, processing of agricultural products become the new direction of development of the food industry, however, deep processing of agricultural products are facing difficulties. It is reported that some developed countries, agricultural production and processing capacity of more than 90%, of which deep processing rate of 80%, the domestic advanced provinces and processing and conversion rate of only 60%, while tea products deep processing rate is lower. Seen in this light, to enhance the tea deep processing rate, it is the extension of the tea industry exhibition, the only way to become strong.
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