How Dose The Oil Water Mixed Fryer Machine Work

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-09-29
Oil - water mixed snack food frying machine principle

1, oil and water mixed frying machine completely changed the traditional frying equipment structure, the scientific use of water and oil mixing technology, through heating, in the process of heating the lower oil temperature control, can slow down the hydrolysis of fat oxidation, Oil life, improve product quality.
2, the use of oil, water, the proportion of different principles in the course of the work of the residue all submerged in the water, a fundamental solution to the traditional fried machine residues, animal fats, repeated deep-fried frying oil acidification caused by deterioration The problem of the disease.

Oil and water mixed snack food frying machine equipment by the manual lifting system, electric lifting system, unique product delivery system, slagging system, heating system, smoke systems, electrical systems and other components, the internal use of advanced oil and water hybrid technology, completely changed The traditional structure of the frying equipment, fundamentally lift the drawbacks of the traditional frying machine. All stainless steel structure, work fine, beautiful, strong, durable.
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