Automatic Sugar Boiling Machine With Gas Heating

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-10-14
Jacked Kettle Machine, also known as boiling machine, cooking machine. The sugar boiling machine is composed of inside and outside the spherical pot form of double-layer structure, the middle layer into the steam heating. There are fixed, tilting, stirring and other styles for your different choice.
Sugar boiling machine with a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, liquid boiling time is short, easy to control the heating temperature, good looks, easy to install and to operate, safe and reliable.
Sugar boiling machine is widely used in all kinds of food processing, can also be used for large-scale restaurant or canteen. Such as for sugar,honey, etc.), halogen products (such as chicken feet, chicken wings, Lu Dan, Duck Claw, Duck Neck, and so on), and other food industry.the sugar boiling machine Is the food processing to improve quality, shorten the time, improve the working conditions of good equipment.

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