Extrusion Snack Food Productuion Line Are Sold to Turnkey

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-10-18
Extrusion Snack Food Productuion Line Are Sold to Turnkey. the turinkey customer is a business man doing extrusion snack food. he serach on our website and leave message. after our professional salesman discuss with our customer. we know the shape he want make and retell our technologist. after long dicuss,we make a cooperation with each other.

the Extrusion Snack Food Productuion Line from the ingredients, extrusion, baking, painting until the finished product can complete. All the Snacks food machines are made by stainless steel, this whole line is with reasonable design and with high automation; the screws are made by alloy steel, with building block system structure and self-cleaning function.

leave your machine requirement we will contact you as soon as possible within 24 hours. if possible please sent a pic of your finished snack food you want.  welcome to visit us.

extrusion snack food production line are sold to turnkey|puffed snack food machine
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