Donut Maker Production Line

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-12-02
The donut production line can be used to produce fermented donut, extrusion head will automatically forming donuts in the fermentation plate, then donuts with the plate into the fermentation tank fermentation, fermentation after the donut into the fryer Fried, and then pour syrup, fully automated production process to reduce the human to produce high-quality products.
The donut production line  is used for the production of donuts for special equipment, through the molding, frying, flavor, cooling to produce qualified donuts. Donut production line with high degree of automation, easy operation, high efficiency, is the ideal special equipment. Donut production line for large-scale production of food plants, suitable for distribution supermarkets, shops, chain stores. In this case,
In order to allow users to buy rest assured that the use of the Heart, we in the design, production, testing and other aspects of strict control, so consulting, sales and maintenance through-train service.
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