Screw Type Dough Mixer Machine

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-12-02
Dough mixer machine is a pasta process machine.the dough mixer machine main used to mix the dough and water.There are vacuum dough mixer machine and non-vacuum dough mixer machine includes horizontal,vertical, single-axis, dual-axis, axle dough mixer machine.

Screw Type Double-speed And Double Motion Dough Mixer machine consist the mixing tank, stir hook, transmission, electrical box, base and other components.

The spiral stirrer is driven by the transmission to rotate in the mixing cylinder, and the stirring cylinder rotates at a constant speed driven by the transmission device. Cylinder flour is constantly being pushed, pulled, kneading, pressure, fully mixing, rapid mixing, the dry flour to be uniform hydration, the expansion of gluten, as has a certain flexibility, scalability and uniform flow of the dough.

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