Application Of Starch In Food Industry

Author :  tina       Date Time : 2017-01-19
starchApplication of noodle products:
1) fried instant noodles with starch have crisp structure and low oil absorption, product quality and storage stability is better.
2) in the instant noodles can improve the re-water noodles, chewing and elasticity, reduce cooking time.
3) The addition of  starch in the pasta can reduce the oil absorption, improve the crispness of pasta and prolong the storage time.
4) in the production of rice as a tissue forming agents and adhesives, products can increase the transparency and smoothness, reduce stickiness, improve the taste.

Application of baking machine:
1) in the cake, sugar-coated production as a substitute for butter, providing a good capacity and structure, reduce body fat intake.
2) in the baked food do glaze agent, can form a good, clear and bright film, instead of expensive protein and natural rubber.
3) in the fruit cake, pies, fillings as a stabilizer and thickener, providing products smooth, short wire structure, to prevent stratification and explosive filling.

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