Introduction of Vacuum Filter Starch Dehydrator

Author :  sherry       Date Time : 2017-01-24
Vacuum Filter Starch DehydratorVacuum Filter Starch Dehydrator 
This equipment is mainly suitable for dewatering of peas, potato starch and corn starch filtration dehydration, change the local structure of the minor, can also be used in chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries of washing and solid-liquid separation.
Main features of potato starch filter dehydrator:
Combing the lastest technology and rich experience into a whole
Fully stainless steel for parts contacting with material, compact structure and nice design
Speed of rotating drum can be adjusted according to actual sitution
Material unloaded through blade, which is made of high rigid alloy and can be adjusted
Stirrer's running frequency can be adjusted
Continuous adjusting for fluid-level control
Low energy consumption, small area, friendly operation and stable running
Widely used for dewatering of starch slurry in starch processing
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