The Present Situation Of The Cassava Starch Processing Equipment

Author :  tina       Date Time : 2017-01-24
Cassava starch is the most basic and most important processed products of cassava, not only for food processing industry, but also widely used in metallurgy, mining, building, textile, Especially in recent years, more and more cassava starch by the vast number of consumers of all ages.

At present, the world cassava starch processing industry main features are as follows:
(1) investment scale. National investment or multinational group investment scale are large, the hourly processing of fresh cassava production in 20 ~ 30t between. And this large-scale projects accounted for the proportion of cassava starch project investment is relatively large.
(2) technology centralization. Hovex in the Netherlands and ISI in Denmark represent the world's advanced technology for cassava starch equipment. While the cassava starch plants in India, China, Thailand and Brazil have a large gap.
The level of technology is a key factor in the selection of equipment. From many countries in recent years, imports of tapioca starch equipment situation, the Netherlands Hovex and Danish ISI equipment up, which confirms its obvious technical superiority exists.
(3) market regionalization. The international market for cassava starch equipment is divided into three regions: western Africa, Southeast Asia and Brazil.

Cassava starch equipment manufacturers, need to further strengthen the improvement and improvement of technology to shorten the gap with advanced equipment in developed countries. At the same time, should also increase publicity, so that more consumers can understand or understand the business performance of equipment and processing technology, and ultimately to improve the technical level of the overall cassava starch industry, and promote the development of cassava starch industry.

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