How to identify the quality of sweet potato starch ?

Author :  sherry       Date Time : 2017-02-08
Potato starch has national standard, some manufacturers also have the enterprise standard, the self-employed, small workshops are have not standard, when conditions permit, starch should be classified according to the standard. But there are a lot of simple methods for the determination of sweet potato starch, Several methods are described below:
sweet starch 
1. Visual: the color of sweet potato starh is fresh and white,this kind od starch has less impurities and pure. The degree of whiteness higher , the quality is better.
2. Rolling with fingers: The moisture content of sweet potato starch can be detected by finger sense. 
3. pinch sweet potato starch with the finger, if starch can be pinched into thin slices,  shake off the thin slices on the table, If it is a powder shaped, the saarch is dry. moisture content below 15%. If it’s a small piece of debris, water content is 15%-20%, If the sheet is basically not scattered, The water content is above 20%.
3.Listening: Hand kneading sweet potato starch, If you hear the sound of "KaKa" Or directly use the fingers to pinch the sweet potato starch, The issue of "KaKa" voice is pure sweet potato starch, If the sweet potato starch mixed with talc Flour, wheat flour, corn flour we can not hear the sound, or the sound is not.
4.Tasting: Take a small amount of starch into the inlet with the teeth in the mouth, taste sense to identify whether the sweet potato starch smell and impurities. sweet potato starch without odor, not gritty when chewing, is high quality sweet potato starch.
5. Pile of starch: piole the sweet potato starch into a cone shape, see the blunt round of the cone tip. Pure sweet potato starch and low pile tip corrosion, the adulteration of sweet potato starch are high and steep pile tip.
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