Rice Noodle Machine Development Prospects Are Expected

Author :  tina       Date Time : 2017-02-17
Rice noodle market continue to become bigger and stronger, the most fundamental change is to improve the degree of mechanization, the traditional rice processing technology into modern food processing equipment , use the  fully automated rice noodle machine  and improve production efficiency.
1, Health trends.
Food safety is not only related to people's survival and health, but also related to the quality and rise and fall of the nation, related to a country's reputation and prestige. With the improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of safe consumer awareness, safe and secure food is also a significant development momentum, China is a rice-based consumption of the country, rice is a consumer favorite traditional food, but also most parts of our country Breakfast staple food, rice market, a huge capacity, so safe and secure rice flour will become the mainstream of the development trend of rice flour industry. Therefore, rice noodle machine is the case, by improving the production process, improve the machinery and equipment to improve the current lack of rice production, to avoid food safety risks.
2, Technological innovation trends.
As the past rice industry has been focused on the long-term price war, resulting in rice industry has been hovering in the world of food machinery industry in the low, therefore, China's rice machine industry must change from the competition to proceed, change China's rice noodle machinery Of the weak state. Although China's rice noodle machine industry in recent years, the rapid development, but the overall level of the industry is still very low, low-tech products, rice machinery, digital, integrated, flexible, intelligent, manufacturing process virtualization As well as the manufacturing process of the network are very important. Rice flour machine industry, the key to the development or use of information technology to promote and enhance the level of manufacturing technology.

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