How to keep steam bread machine ?

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2017-03-01
How to keep steam bread machine ?

1. The steam bread machine should be idle for several minutes before operation.
The use of attention: the bread machine in the use of a period of time, to make sure whether the various parts of the screw is loose, if loose,then tighten the screws. If the screws appear slip wire appearance, we can change the new screws to prevent the equipment after the use of the process In the other little doubt, affect the production. Equipment in the face of abnormal appearance, or the machine sound is not normal, we must stop to see, prevent a greater and more serious problems presented.
2. Steamed bread machine should be used before the first lubrication of the machine, to the gear on the drop of drops of oil, gear box every six months to replace a gear oil, a few can, to avoid gear oil from the bearing parts into the dough.
3. Small bread machine for maintenance, remove the bearings need gasoline cleaning, and then coated with butter can be installed.
4. Steamed bread machine motor do not load too high, do not let the flour sprinkled into the shell of the motor, the gear box do not miss the oil, each gear ground refueling. Finish the surface can be clean clean.
5. Steam bread machine clean and clean: the normal operation of the end of the machine, pay attention to the equipment should be clean, the machinery of every corner of the residue cleared away, to avoid a long time after the residue left in the machine, the formation of wear and decay, thus affecting the cleaning of goods Standard reduction, severe threat to the health of the edible and the machine's life.
6. bread machine cleaning method: clean bread machine, usually the operator in order to save effort, directly washed with water pipes, this is the wrong way! Wipe the appearance of the equipment with a wet towel clean wipes, brush can be used to sort out the dead ends of the residue.
Steam Bread machine in the use of a certain time, usually in a week or two months, need to fill the oil when the urgent need to fill the oil, grease within the bearing, according to the appropriate use of the increase and replacement.
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