How Choose Suitable Packaging Machines ?

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2017-04-20
Packaging is particularly important for goods. To achieve the best packaging is the first step is to choose a suiatble packaging machine.How choose suitable packaging machines is a our big concern.

1. Milk powder packaging machine, milk powder characteristics, (such as health, precision, etc.), milk powder packaging machine for milk powder characteristics of this one to how to choose.
A: milk powder is particularly high health requirements, is the powder type material. According to the characteristics of milk powder, milk powder for the determination of packaging measurement: screw measurement. The weight of the milk powder is calculated.
2. potato chip packaging machine, potato chips crisp and fragile, need to measure the characteristics of these picking potato chips to pick this one how to choose.
A: potato chips, flakes, suitable for measurement: electronic said. Potato chips crisp and fragile, in the process of cutting may encounter fragmentation, but the potato chips are very light, by the impact of gravity fragmentation will be very little.
3. Screw packaging machine, screws need a few tablets, the measurement characteristics, for these to pick the screw packaging machine this one to how to choose.
A: In many electrical appliances, furniture industry, are equipped with screws required for the installation, for these industries, according to customer needs, custom screw packaging machine, are basically using vibration plate cutting, fiber counting way to measure the packaging Quantity.
4. Granule packaging machine, for these characteristics to pick the granule packaging machine this one to how to choose.
A: Granules, small particles of materials, small bags. You can use a measuring cup to measure its weight.
5. Shampoo packaging machine, shampoo liquid fluidity and other characteristics, pick the shampoo packaging machine this one to how to choose.
A: The liquid flow is very strong, easy to separate, the use of liquid pump to measure its volume, calculate the weight.
All materials, according to its characteristics in order to select the most appropriate measurement methods.
Particle packing machine must pay attention to the operation, each time before the boot, to check whether the observation machine around the abnormal; machine in operation, the body is strictly prohibited, hands and head close to or contact the operating parts!
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