If You want High-yield Cassava,What You Should Pay Attention To?

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2017-04-21
What should you pay attention to if you want get high yield cassava ?

One, provide enough base fertilizer
Many people planted cassava to the mountains and drylands, without basal fertilizers, and were so long. In order to improve the efficiency of cassava cultivation, should first turn good, spacing 1 meter, playing well, Shi Chicken manure, vegetation ash, garbage mud and other mixed fertilizer, each hole a bowl, for the emergence and long potatoes to lay the foundation.
Second, choose a good variety
Good seed good seedlings, yield, seed is the key. Variety of cassava has South Plant 188, Zhongshan cassava and so on. If the tail stems, sticks for seed, less tuber and small. Application of disease-free, no injury, dense roots of the main stem rice for species. Take 20 cm for a section, with a knife in the bottom cut out of the ramp, 8 cm on the slant, cut the skin to the xylem, stripping the skin length of 2 cm, stem 3/4 a gap, leaving a quarter of the skin Transport water, nutrients, up to 14 cm, still cut a gap, the stem level on the base of the hole, covered with 3 to 5 cm of soil. This new planting method, drought, wind, not easy to lodging, and multi-layer tuber, easy to grow forward long, long.
Three, insecticide rodent control
Cassava just when the tiger is the most favorite to eat. A tiger can eat a night of a seedling, a great harm. To the tiger playing the hole, the night out to eat cassava seedlings, before dawn drill back to the hole, with a new mud seal hole. So artificial dig 10 to 20 cm can be caught, and can be used to feed chickens. To the sweet potato period, the mouse will eat potatoes, to take rodent control measures.
Four, weeding fertilization
When the seedling up to 20 cm or so, just leave out one of the most sturdy main seedlings, other branches can be picked up to feed the fish. At the same time but also for weeding, loose soil, the grass hit the mud cover in the vicinity of the root, each plant urea spoon, covered with soil, promote seedling. Miao long to 1 m, the second weeding, loose soil, but do not hoe off the fries, each plant compound fertilizer spoon, both long seedlings and long potatoes. Potato stage, the general case of dry season, due to hard, potato is difficult, it is bound to reduce production, so the best time to pour water a week to keep the soil wet pine, conducive to the growth of potatoes.
Five, stay good stems
Cassava if harvest too early, less starch, water, drying rate is low. Should be selected in mid-November after sunny day sweet potato. Will be stout, disease-free, dense main stem to take 1 meter, or split the following main stem, sitting in the south of the mountain hills, digging storage, sealing the hole. But also in the slope to dig deep pits, put the stem down, covered with 10 cm of soil, and then covered with straw, to avoid frost frost, for the next spring to prepare fully prepared.
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