Dough Press Machine Manufacturer

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2017-05-08
The automatic dough press machine is suitable for all kinds of pasta, such as pasta processing, pastry, bread food industry, kneading various crisp and tough dough. Apply to the pre-processing of pasta equipment such as dumpling machine, ravioli machine, braised machine and so on. Live a good dough directly into the face of the bucket, dough thickness can be adjusted, dough speed frequency control can be set according to actual needs. After the boot can be automatically conveyed, rubbing, pressing, folding, reducing the number of machines and people contact, no manual design, eliminating the security risks, reducing the labor intensity of workers, is very suitable for pasta production requirements of high occasions. Fully automatic delivery machine installed under the four brake wheels, can be easily moved to the appropriate position after the brake fixed. Product design is reasonable, easy to operate, high efficiency and reasonable price, the product of "Three Guarantees" is your best choice.
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