Researcher On the Noodle Industry of Healthy and Nutritious Prospects

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2017-05-18
Dr. Tan Bin, a researcher at the National Bureau of Food Science, will summarize the innovation of the fine noodle industry into four aspects: the application of new raw materials; the process and equipment, including the surface and the surface compound and ripening, calendering and cutting rods, drying and slow , Cut off packaging; nutrition health, including the content of active ingredients, high dietary fiber, etc .energy saving. Among them, the application of new raw materials refers to the use of whole grain raw materials, including grains, brown rice flour, whole wheat flour and so on. Tan Bin introduced the whole grain raw materials in the noodle industry in the innovative practice.

Tan Bin, miscellaneous grains are rich in mineral elements, vitamins, dietary fiber and unique bioactive substances, is a healthy, nutritious food source, with different health promotion role. International attention to the whole grain food, the rapid growth of whole grain food consumption. In China, rice and wheat are our main staple food grains. In order to meet the growing demand for healthy diets, the whole grain noodles are becoming more and more popular.

In the whole grain food research and development, edible quality improvement processing technology, raw material processing equipment and stabilization processing technology, traditional and emerging whole grain food creation, whole grain food nutrition and health effects evaluation are all research direction. Tan Bin introduced the current miscellaneous grains noodles need to break through several major problems include miscellaneous grains added, taste, active material retention and process applicability. The traditional white noodle noodles can not be directly moved to the grains noodles, many processes need to adjust the optimization.
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