Commercial Niger Chin Chin Making Machine

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2017-10-11
This chin chin making machine is really a imitation of hand craft creation plus the design, and the style is easy.First of all, shaping the dough simply,then put it a single the roll and roll in to the mold knife,at last the mould knife could slice the dough into selected designs.cakes developed in this way are the identical in size,width,thickness,imitation of handbook procedure but much better than handbook items.What is much more,the dough will never stick towards the knife,forming fantastic and there is no scrap.Also,the mildew knives is often tailored in accordance into the customers requirements.This device is simple in style and design and convenience to routine maintenance,a single labor can operate it in many instances.It's a perfect device for meals in bar and block condition because it can substitute ten labors .
What our chin chin machine can do :
 Function of pressing the dough,making sure the thickness with the cake uniform.
Perform of cutting helps make the length and width from the cake uniform.
The length and thickness of the cake is adjustable freely in just the choice of the machine to meet the necessities.

making Nigeria chin chin easily

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