Corn Starch Processing Line Industrial
  • MOQ:1 set /Sets
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 10 sets/per month Set/Sets Per Month
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao/Tianjin Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Yield Specifications: hourly 200Kg, 500Kg, 1000Kg, 1500-2000Kg, 5000Kg, 10000KG.

Main Feature

Advanced closed, integrated structure, CIP online cleaning system, high-quality products to meet health and safety requirements


Corn Starch Processing Line With Price
First, the size and energy consumption:
Yield Specifications: hourly 200Kg, 500Kg, 1000Kg, 1500-2000Kg, 5000Kg, 10000KG. (Starch quality has reached the national standard level, more starch extraction rate of 95%.)

1 ton starch erengy consumption: 
Power consumption: 100-130 degrees; coal 100-130KG; 8-10 cubic meters of water consumption; helpers 8-12 / shift.
Second, the processing of corn starch:
Corn feedstock clean-up to the complex - is pumped into the tank to soak in water for 48-52 sulfurous acid (36-72 hours) - degermed roughing pump to be grinding process - after the embryo and germ separation - germ into the crushing plant for the preparation of corn oil process;Embryo after two finely pulverized pulp is pumped into the wash wash separator - Maximum degree of separation from the slag washing starch - starch and protein is then refined into the isolated section - purification purification 
- and then pumped into the dewatering machine dewatering of water to 35-38% - were dried starch - weighing bagging storage packaging products.

industrial starch processing plant china
Third,Our advantages:
(1) using the most advanced and mature technology;
(2) Advanced closed, integrated structure, CIP online cleaning system, high-quality products to meet health and 
safety requirements;
(3) lower operating costs;
(4) The control system is easy to operate, reliable, and ensure that the system 24 hours of continuous production, 
in order to obtain stable and high-quality products;
(5) provide customers with more detailed drawings and shorten the installation time;
(6) of experienced professional technical support team and service team, a comprehensive solution that provides 
worry-free service.

We havepotato starch processing plant for your choice.

Technical Data

Model name Quantity
Soak corn Soak pot material 50m2
Soak sulfurous acid from corn 1 5Cubic 
Soaked corn processing section    
LGSF—1 Water curved screen 1
LGZW--330 degerming mill  1
Germ body separation section    
LGPF—1.0 Germ floating tank 1
LGFR—1 Points milk curved screen
LGZW—330Ⅱ fine grinder 2
After fine grinding slag slurry 
separation washing section
LGXD--60 Washing sieve 3
Separation and purification of 
starch section
LGXL—170 Amyloid protein separator 1set
Refined starch dehydration section    
LGSS-1000 dehydrator 1
LGWL—200 Feeder 1
Drying product starch section    
LGFG—150 dryer 1
LGCP—600 Final Screen 1
The conveying material process 
  stock pump 4
  stock pump 1
  acid proof pump 1
Product packaging starch    
  Packing scale 
(portable sewing machine)
  Equipment control cabinet 4
  grit separator 2


Q:which country have you ever been exported?
A:Vietnam,and Tanzania.
Q:Will your company supply technical installation guidance of the production line?
A:Yes,installation brochures and operation manuals with detailed description will be provided.If necessary, we will send our technicians abroad for further help.
Q:What are the payment methods?
A:Western union,T/T,LC are accepted.
Q:What if customers know little about import processing?
A: Our factory has rich experience in export.We will assist customers with needs step by step, from placing orders to receiving poutry feed manufacturing equipment.

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