Warmly Welcome The Nigerian Government Delegation

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2015-11-17
On the Nov.13 2015,The Nigerian government delegation  visited  Henan china.the leader of Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co.,Ltd,Lijunhua with other companies have business communication with nigerian government delegation.the governor of States ,named Ayad make a economic development introduction on nigeria.
Previously, Nigeria's economic development has been years of military rule, corruption and mismanagement problems, but is now making a successful return to democracy in Nigeria and the subsequent economic reform back on track.He began to play its strong economic potential,in order to achieve the target of being the major economies in Africa.
Agriculture is Nigeria's main foreign exchange earner in the past the industry. Nigeria in the past was once the world's largest peanut, an important producer and exporter of cocoa and palm oil, coconut, citrus fruits, maize, pearl millet, cassava, yams and sugar cane. Approximately 60 percent of Nigerians engaged in agricultural production, and the country there are many untapped arable land.
Close contact with our business include the following:
Textile and garment manufacturing equipment, paper machinery, cassava processing, pharmaceutical industry, food processing and packaging machinery, waste treatment technology cycle, motorcycle tricycles, livestock and meat processing, paper making equipment, wigs and so on.
We all hope we can have long term coorperation with each other.

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