Automatic Snack Food Production Line

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-12-14
Automatic Snack food  production line is the company according to the needs of domestic and foreign markets, research and development of advanced puffed food equipment, its operating performance, product quality, technology taste have reached the advanced level in the same industry. The production line is simple, easy to learn and understand, is engaged in the best choice for the manufacturer of rice crust, can produce a variety of different shapes of rice crust, the taste crisp, oil but not greasy, left after food fragrance, promote intestinal digestion, So that the majority of consumers gossip of choice for food.

In addition, the set of production line adopts the screw extrusion technology and the extrusion die with different shapes, and then it is fried and seasoned into "salad", "banana slice", "pizza roll", "shell crisp" "Cat ears Crisp", "snail" and other shapes and flavors of fried pasta food, product modeling realistic, delicate organization, taste crisp.

Extrusion of products can be directly fried, without drying, the production process is simple, small equipment investment, is ideal for small and medium enterprises.
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