Dought Sheet Press Machine Cchina

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2017-04-10
Dough sheet press machine is used to make sheet from mixed dough. The dough sheet often be used to make chin chin,Melaleuca crisp,such as toast, hot-dog, French roll, baguette and others applicable pastry machine, cake categories.

 Pressure roller and scraper made by the professional design
Unique design . lower noise, not easy to tear and wear ,enhance the service life of machine;
Operating is simply switching "On-Off" push button with only one person;
First-class steel, roller made after special treatment, non-sticking surface and non-scratches easily;
The folding structure, space-saving, easily handling.
High work speed , exhaust sufficiently, it can get the most length of the dough without bubble.

dough sheet press machine with low price china
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