Automatically Powder Packing Machine With Best Price

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2017-05-02
Our the type powder packing machine have take microcomputer control, by a sensor signal processing and set by the microcomputer to control the synchronization of two stepper motor work, bag length, cutting position, cutting speed, positioning, automatic fault diagnosis and display on the screen.
The powder packing machine can process the steps automatically completed such as setting bag, feeding inflatable, counting, sealing, coding, limited downtime, set the package cut and a series of actions are automatically completed.
The powder packing machine have wild application,suitable for food, cosmetic, spices, medicines (such as: milk powder, soy milk powder, walnut powder, allspice powder, cereal, talcum powder) and other non-sticky powder packaging.The material used to pack powder can be Polyester / polyethylene, nylon composite film, reinforced composite film, BOPP, and other heat-sealable packaging materials.
Packaging weight adjustment Free stop, directly modify the microcomputer cutting data (cutting position, cutting weight) can be completed.

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