Saudi Arabia Customers Visited Our Cassava Starch Production Line

Author :  sherry       Date Time : 2017-01-24
Yesterday, two customers from Saudi Arabia to visit our cassava starch production line. Apart from being satisfied with our machine, the customers are interested in our technology dry method to make starch.

Cassava Starch Production Line 

The feature of our cassava starch production line:
1. Combining the latest technology and years experience into a a whole.
2. Key components introduced abroad, lone service life, low maintenance cost.
3.All parts contact with material are stainless steel, no material contamination.
4.Sieve basket is calibrated through dynamic equilibrium by domestic authority body.
5.Sieve made from laser perforating on titanium alloy plate.
6.To facilitate the automatic design for centrifugal sieve group, CIP system and chain automatic control can be easily realized.
7.Advanced surface treatment technology ensuring the good looking and resistance of oil and dirt.
8.Nozzles tested by strict examination in pressure and flow rate
9.Big capacity, low power consumption, stable operation, high starch extraction rate and easy installation.
10.Widely used for starch extraction in starch processing factory.
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