What Do You Know About The Patato Starch ?

Author :  admin       Date Time : 2015-10-28
Starch, is the second largest source of carbohydrates second only behind cellulose. Potato contains about 17% of starch.It is the most suitable for the production of starch plants.
Compared to other varieties of starch, potato starch quality and unique performance mainly embodied in the following aspects: first of all, potato starch has the highest viscosity, can be used as a thickener, and small dose, has been able to obtain the suitable viscosity;And potato starch molecules high degree of polymerization (3000), large particles, thus has a high degree of expansion, excellent water resistance, suitable for puffed food, meat products, instant noodles products, etc.
In addition, the protein, low fat residues of potato starch, high phosphorus content and the colour is white, has a natural phosphor, transparency of the solution is also high, thus can improve the color and appearance of the product.And the taste of potato starch special mild, not typical of corn or wheat starch grains flavor, even if the flavor sensitive products can also be used.Moreover, as a result of the potato starch gelatinization temperature is low, the increase of the viscosity speed, to save energy consumption.It is worth mentioning that because the amylopectin content is higher, rarely appear gel and aging phenomenon.
Cooking of the treasure -- - a high quality of potato starch
Potato starch is suitable for use in cooking quality of starch, can be widely used in sizing, hang paste raw materials, and is used as the raw material of stick up and finalize the design.At present, used in the cooking of potato starch has the following characteristics: high viscosity and fast thickening, consumption;Glittering and translucent get rid of appears the starch paste, good luster;Mild flavor, to keep the original flavor dishes.

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