The History of Donut

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2015-11-02
Since The Ancient Times, The Continent's Housewives Already Can Do a Central Circular Fried Pastries, Adorned With a Walnut With Cheese Or Cream To Eat. On The Mayflower Protestants Left England, Had Stagnation In The Netherlands, In This Period Of Time, They Eat The Fried Snacks, And To Learn Its Making Method.
Doughnuts Are Probably "(Dough) And 'Lads' Mags' Including Nuts (Walnuts) The Synthesis Of The Language, Both In The Netherlands Used Fried Snack. From The Netherlands Fried Snack Gradually Became Middle Hollow Out, Like a Circle Of Dim Sum, Should Not Be To Save Material And Intermediate Omit, But The Result Of The Dough Encounter Heat Naturally Formed After.
KRAPFEN Besides Donuts, Germany, French BEIGNET Is Famous Traditional Fried Snack. 
At That Time, Only In Europe Or Carnival Festivals Such As Christmas Comes, Will Only Do This Kind Of Dim Sum, Now Doughnuts Have Become American Fast Food Anywhere Can Be Seen. 
The Shape Of a Doughnut Have All Sorts Of Shapes Such As Stick And Circle,  But The Middle Hollow Out The Circle Is The Most Common. This Shape Is Said To Have Originated In The United States.They Think It Can Shorten The Cooking Time, Not Wasted Fuel. 
There Is a Legend Of The Native Americans From The United States. An Indian Roll Dough On An Arrow To His Wife, His Wife Was Surprised, Dough Carelessly Dropped Fryer, Middle Is Part Of An Arrow To Wear In Hot Oil, Immediately Roll Into a Circle Shape, Instead More Uniform After Fried, Taste More Delicious, Become The Appearance Of Imitation, Continues To This Day. 
There Is Common That Traditional Food Usually Forced Analogy Legend. We Can Choose Take It Or Leave It .It Is Innocuous.

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