What Do You Know Rasping Machine?

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-01-15
We can easily starch by starch processing line, but what do you know about one of processing line Rasping Machine.

Asper produced by Henan Gelgoog Machinery CO.,LTD. combines the latest technology and years experience into a whole, maily used in potato starch and cassava starch processing to crsah and rasp raw materials
1. Fully starinless steel, compact structure and nice design
2. High rotating speed, fine rasping effect and high starch dissociation
3. Special slot design to replace the assembly of saw blades quickly
4. SKF bearings from Sweden and excellent belt from Germany
5. Observation window to inspect running situation of saw blades
Potato food is nutritive, high-yield, delicious and is more and more popular in people all around the world, and the high technology content cassava starch flour processing line produced by our company is just used to make the raw materials of this kind of delicious food. If u use the cassava starch made by our machines to make potato food, I believe u will make a big profit.
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