Our Automatic Rotary Cassava Destoner Machine

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-01-15
Today,I  introduce one kind of mahcine called remove stone machine.Once the potatoes have been broken up and the sand removed, the fruit water is separated by a decanter. The starch is then extracted followed by washing. The washing line consists of 3-phase nozzie separators in three stages working the counter-current principle, fresh water only having to be supplied to the last stage. The separators separate the starch milk into the fraction starch, fine fibers and water. In this process, use of 3-phase technology ensures a high starch yield in top-class quality. 
After the last washing stage, the starch arrives for dewatering via a buffer tank. The fine fibers leave washing in the first stage for fine fiber screening. The washed and concentrated starch milk is dewatered and then dried by decanters. The fine fibers and the pulp from the extraction screens are dewatered by a decanter. The dewatered pulp can either be dried or extracted from the process and used as a feed immediately downstream of the decanter.
The trick is to find the best fitting set of benefits and requirements for each customer, and to design the process accordingly. Different priorities translate into different process setups and the process design has to live up several different, even conflicting demands. The challenge is to work with the customer to find the best compromise.

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