Starchy foods: eat starchy foods inhibit cancer

Author :  Wendy       Date Time : 2016-01-15
Starchy foods: eat starchy foods inhibit cancer
The researchers noted that starchy foods mainly inhibit cancer in two ways: First, when excreted into the intestine after the starch, after a series of reactions help to increase stool, prompting colon excretion, accelerate the carcinogenic metabolites: two starch intestinal fermentation enzyme, will produce large amounts of butyrate. Experiments show that butyrate is an effective inhibitor of cancer cell growth, which can directly inhibit six intestinal bacteria, to prevent the inner wall of the large intestine cancer-causing cells.
How life should choose starchy food? In addition to pancakes, rice and other staple foods, made with buckwheat noodles, jelly, steamed, etc. it is also a good choice. In addition, for busy office workers. Supermarket roughing without removing the husk of whole grain foods, such as cereals bread should be preferred. To pay attention to when buying grain bread recognition: If the first ingredient list is cereal, that it is indeed rich cereal content; if the cereal component row behind other ingredients or sugar in, explain much of this food in cereal ingredients. Another method is: the hand holding the bread. If you feel bread dense compact, with a clear grains, it is rich cereal content of bread.
Rich in B vitamins, vitamin E porridge, whole grains, such as rice porridge, Eight lotus porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so is more suitable for the elderly to eat.
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