Granule Packing Machine china

Author :  tina       Date Time : 2017-02-09
The granule packing machine is used for packing granular medicine, sugar, coffee, fruit, tea, salt, MSG, soup, seeds, desiccant Etc. as well as good fluidity of the material material.Can replace the cup and precise control of the product packaging is both reliable and practical. Volumetric package Installed with fast, accurate, economical and practical advantages. By changing the thermal structure, the bag can be made into three side seal, four side seal, pillow Shaped seal and other shapes.

Applicable to food, medicine, veterinary drugs, chemicals, seeds, pesticides and other particles, fine particles of the product packaging. Such as Chinese medicine particles, granules, veterinary medicine particles, pepper seeds, monosodium glutamate, salt, chicken, and other products.

The bag-making system adopts the stepping motor subdividing technology, the bag-making precision is high, the error is smaller than 1 millimeter; The controller Chinese character shows; Rotary cutter, packing speed, can adjust the cutting knife position arbitrarily in the machine movement; Good heat balance, to ensure the quality of sealing for a variety of packaging materials; intelligent photoelectric color positioning control system; good visibility of the side of the open baffle, the operation of the Safe; vibration counting device advanced novelty, a number of disk multi-directional vibration, amplitude can be adjusted according to material specifications and filling accuracy stepless, high-precision counting, a few tablets six positions.

granule packing machine

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